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Tool: 3 Equations - PRACTICE Simultaneous Linear Equations
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Description: One of the problems in dealing with three equations and three unknowns is a lack of practice problems. This script provides a new problem set each time which has integer answers. Another difficulty faced by students is the fact of paying attention to the details of each step in the solution which often leads to incorrect answers. This script allows students to practice the procedures while keeping the math accurate. There is a companion program to matrixsolve.htm [see Resource Connection below] which allows students to enter their own problems to determine a solution. (It DOES NOT provide an answer.)
Technology Type: JavaScript 
Author: Jeff LeMieux
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Tool: 3 Equations - Solve 3 Simultaneous Linear Equations
Courses: Algebra Solve by substitution, Solve by combination

Comment:I like that I could not undo a poor choice I made. It forced me to take the long route to get to the answer.