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Tool: FathomŽ Dynamic Data
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Description: Fathom® Dynamic Data does for data-driven mathematics and statistics what The Geometer's Sketchpad did for a geometric approach to mathematical modeling. With Fathom, you can explore data, plot functions, and create animated simulations. Fathom allows you to type in your own data, to use the over 300 data files that come with Fathom, or to import data from text files or directly from the Internet.

Use Fathom as a demonstration tool, or set students to work in the computer lab or at home on one of more than 100 activities that come with Fathom. Whatever you can see, you can drag; the dynamic update during the drag helps reveal the mathematical relationships in your document.

Technology Type: Fathom 
Guide: User's Guide (opens a new window)
Author: KCP Technologies Inc/William Finzer
Language: English 
Cost: Requires payment for use

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Lesson Plan: Was Leonardo Correct? (continued)
Courses: Math 7 Data analysis
Probability & Statistics General

Student Review (Based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: Richa, Apr 27 2010 10:41:36:247PM
What did you learn? how to graph correlations and how to get the summary
Recommended for: PreCalculus: Functions, Linear Algebra, Sequences and Series
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