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Tool: Derivative of Sine and Cosine
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Description: This TI Interactive file is best suited for teacher demonstration. This document allows the user to define a function f(x) and guess the derivative of this function. The slider bar's values range from [-2p, 2p] with an increment of p/12. As the user increments the slider bar, the tangent to the curve at the value of a is displayed and a scatter plot of the points (a, f´(a)) is displayed. Once the scatter plot is displayed, the user can define the function g(x) as the derivative of f(x). To use this activity to visualize the chain rule, define the function f(x) as f(x):= sin(2x). Activate the slider bar and have students predict the derivative of f(x).
Technology Type: Computer 
Author: Jill Gough
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Tool: TI Interactive!TM
Courses: PreCalculus derivative
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