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Tool: Multi-Function Data Flyer
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Description: Enter a set of data points and a function or multiple functions, then manipulate those functions to fit those points. Manipulate the function on a coordinate plane using slider bars. Learn how each constant and coefficient affects the resulting graph.
Technology Type: Java Applet 
Author: Shodor: Interactivate
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Algebra II Curve of Best Fit, Functions / Relations, Domain and Range, Ind / Dep Variables, Parent Functions, Horizontal shift, Vertical shift, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions
Trigonometry Graphs of Functions, Transforming Graphs, Applications, Domain and Range
PreCalculus Functions, Properties of Rational Functions, Graphing
Calculus Functions, Graphs, and Limits, Understanding asymptotes, Asymptotic behavior and limits
Probability & Statistics Displaying with Graphs, Least-Squares Regression, Non-Linear Relationships