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Tool: Abacus v1.4
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Description: The Abacus Java Applet/Application is an implementation of an Abacus counting machine. The machine displays a total for the number represented by the machine's current state in addition to each digits value. The program provides a learning tool to teach basic concepts of the base 10 counting system.
Technology Type: Java Applet 
Author: Dana M. Proctor
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Math 1 Operations with numbers, Counting, Place value
Math 2 Operations with numbers, Counting, Place value
Math 3 Operations with numbers, Place value
Math 4 Operations with numbers, Place value

Teacher Review (Based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: MS H, Oct 17 2009 09:49:38:500AM
What did students learn? Excellent way for students to discover what an abacus is and how they can be used.
Recommended for:
Algebra: Number Systems, Properties of Reals, Integer Operations, Use of Variables, One Variable Equations
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