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Lesson Plan: The Game of SKUNK
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The game of SKUNK involves 5 rounds (the letters S,K,U,N,K). A pair of dice is rolled and students accumulate points represented by the sum of the numbers on the dice.

At the start of the game, all students stand up. Dice are rolled and students earn points represented by the sum of the dice. Students decide to remain standing (and keep accumulating points) or sit for the remainder of the round, and keep the points they've accumulated without risking losing points. Students who are standing choose to sit or keep standing each time the dice are rolled. If a "1" is rolled, the round is over; and the students who are standing lose their points for that round. If double 1's are rolled, students who are standing lose all the points they've accumulated in the game.

The game of SKUNK was originally created by Dan Brutlag and published in NCTM's Math Teaching in the Middle School magazine in April 1994. Illuminations has recently written a lesson plan to accompany the game.

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