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Tool: Quadratic grapher - vertex form - Math Open Reference
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An interactive applet that allows the user to graphically explore the properties of a quadratic equation when expressed in vertex form. Specifically, it is designed to foster an intuitive understanding of the effects of changing the coefficients in the function.

The applet shows a large graph of a quadratic in vertex form (a+h)^2+k and has three slider controls, one each for the coefficients a,h and k. As the sliders are moved, the graph is redrawn in real time illustrating the effects of these variations. It shows for example that h and k determine the location of the curve but do not affect its shape. The roots of the equation are shown.

The text part of the page gives some example activities to try. Results can be turned off to allow classroom discussions.

Applet can be enlarged to full screen size for use with a classroom projector. After use in the classroom, student can access it again from any web browser at home or in the library with no login required.

This resource is a component of the Math Open Reference Interactive Geometry textbook project at

Technology Type: Flash 
Author: John Page
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Algebra Graphing, Vertex Form