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Tool: Playing Fraction Track
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Description: Adapted from the work of Akers, Tierney, Evans, and Murray [1998], this game encourages students to compare relative sizes of fractions and get used to adding fractions with different denominators. Related pages offer teachers the opportunity to reflect on teaching and learning with the applet.
Technology Type: Java Applet 
Author: NCTM: Illuminations
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Math 3 Equivalent fractions, Comparing & ordering, Simplifying fractions
Math 4 Equivalent fractions, Comparing and ordering, Simplifying fractions
Math 5 Equivalent fractions, Comparing & ordering, Simplifying fractions
Math 6 Equivalent fractions, Comparing & ordering, Simplifying fractions
Math 7 Equivalent fractions, Comparing & ordering, Simplifying fractions

Teacher Review (Based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: vmbennett, Jun 30 2009 08:11:20:300AM
What did students learn? Students were able to apply their understanding of common fractions and equivalencies.
Recommended for: Math 5: Fractions, Percentages
Teacher Review (Not based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: ihor, Oct 17 2004 01:06:48:567AM
Appropriate for: applications of a concept or technique
Ability to meet my goals: Effective
Recommended for: Math 4: Fractions; Math 5: Fractions; Math 6: Fractions
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Comment:I really like this tool to build equivalance and addition of fractions.
Comment:I teach a math intervention class at the middleschool level. This tool will help my students explore fractions in a meaningful and fun way.
Comment:Great as far as it goes. Couldn't find info on negative moves and couldn't get them to work. Also don't like that page says grades 3 to 5 when I'd like to use it with grade 9 students who are behind.