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Technology PoW: Galactic Exchange II
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By using the vending machine (Java applet) to buy food, determine the relative values of the coins.

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Technology Type: Java Applet 
Authors: Steve Risberg
Suzanne Alejandre
Bill Slocum
Mark Chung
Jody Underwood
Language: English 
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Lesson Plan: Galactic Exchange Teacher Resources
Activity: Galactic Exchange Problem
Technology PoW: Intercambio Galáctico II
Tool: Galactic Exchange
Courses: Math 4 Ratio and proportion
Math 5 Ratio and proportion
Math 6 Ratio and proportion
Math 7 Ratio and proportion
Algebra Use of Variables

Teacher Review (Not based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: gogo, Aug 27 2004 05:27:47:757AM
Appropriate for: advanced investigations
Ability to meet my goals: Ineffective
Recommended for: Math 7: Ratio and proportion
Geometry: Logic and proof
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  Desert Crone
Comment:This is engaging which is half the battle and given some time and patience, I believe Algebra 1 students could figure this out.