GRADE  4 - 6 / Age 9-11

 What does the world's average pet look like?

Dear Pet Detective,

You have a mission that is very important.  We have an unusual problem.  Princess Sweet is going to celebrate her 10th birthday very soon.  Her brother, Prince Kindness is trying to get her the perfect present.  He asked her what she would like and she said she wanted a pet.  The problem is that she didn't say what kind of pet she wanted.  So, Prince Kindness is asking that you help him find out what the most popular pet for children ages 9-11 looks like so that he can have a picture drawn and go find the perfect pet for his sister.  

To find out what the most popular pet looks like, you'll need to take a survey of young pet owners, age 9-11.  Ask them about the pets they own.  You should find out the following information about their pets:  type, number of legs, color, height, and weight.

To complete this assignment, Pet Detective, you will need to create a survey and ask as many children as possible about their favorite pets.  When you have taken your survey, you will need to show the information in a graph so that we can see the results.

Finally, Pet Detective, when you are done, answer these questions:

1)  How did you find the average height of the pet?  

2)  How did you find the average weight of the pet?

3)  What kind of graph did you use?  Explain why you chose that type of graph.

Be sure to use your MathWorld Interactive six problem-solving steps. Have fun!

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