GRADE  7-8 / Age 12-14


OK, this challenge will be fun and educational. Get your favorite drink and answer the following questions.  For each one, find the answer in 3 different types of measures.  For instance, for problem #1, you may find the answer in centimeters, millimeters, and meters.  You decide and be creative!!!!  Remember, you can measure with all sorts of things!

 1)  What is the diameter of your straw?

 2)  How tall is your glass?

 3)  What is the diameter of the glass?

 4)  How much does the empty glass weigh?

 5)  How long are the straws?

 6)  How much liquid will your glass hold?

 7)  How much does the liquid weigh?

 8)  How deep is your drink?

 9)  What is the volume of your glass?  (Let's see how creative you can get to measure volume!)

10)  If you put your straw in the full cup, how much is not in the liquid?

11)  If the glass is full, how much is not filled with liquid?

12)  How much liquid does a straw hold?

13)  If you fill the glass with water,  how much does it weigh?

14)  If you fill the glass with pebbles, how much does it weigh?

15)  Which weighs more, a cup full of paper clips or 1/2 cup of water?

16)  Compare the diameter of the top of the cup to the bottom of the cup.  What is the difference?

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