GRADE  K-3 / Ages 5-8


                                        Peg A                    Peg B                        Peg C

Disk Model


There are ten disks sitting on Peg A.  The disks are increasing in size, the largest disk sitting at the bottom, on top of this a smaller disk, on top of that a still smaller disk, and so on.  We may take disks off a peg, always one at a time, and put each disk on another peg.  However, we can NEVER place any disk on top of a smaller disk.  Here is your problem:  transfer all the disks from Peg A to Peg B.

Answer the following questions:

A)  How should this be done?

B)  What is the least number of moves that we must make to transfer all the disks from one peg to another?

Be sure to use your MathWorld Interactive six problem-solving steps. Have fun!

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