Booth 741: Exhibit Hall

Download PDF versions of all of the handouts we had available in our booth

General Math Forum Handouts

  • Overview: The Math Forum @ Drexel [PDF]
  • 20 Years of Building Online Community to Change Practices, Change Mathematics Education, and Change Lives [PDF]
  • Problems of the Week / Our Forthcoming Book / Professional Development [PDF]
  • Free Online Resources [PDF]
  • Take Dr. Math With You! [PDF]
  • Participate in the Math Forum Community [HTML]
  • Math Forum Ignite Talks [HTML]

Professional Development

  • Professional Development Program: Learning Math Together [HTML]
  • Mastering the Common Core: We Have the Practices [HTML]
  • Online Master's in Mathematics Learning and Teaching [HTML]

Problems of the Week Handouts

  • What are the Problems of the Week and Why Should I Use Them? [PDF]
  • Samples of the Problems of the Week [HTML]
  • Problem Solving and Communication Activity Series [PDF]
  • Mastering the Common Core Mathematical Practices [PDF]
  • Problem Solving-It Has to Begin with Noticing and Wondering - journal article [PDF]
  • Focus on Student Practice - journal article [PDF]
  • Unsilence Students' Voices - journal article [PDF]
  • Supporting Sense–Making and Perseverance - journal article[PDF]
  • Ostrich Llama Count–Examining Solution Methods - activity [PDF]

(free) PoW Access

  • Create a Login (free) - access to Financial Ed PoWs, tPoWs & TI-PoWs [HTML]
  • alphabetical list of tPoWs (including TI-PoWs) [HTML]
  • Financial Education PoWs [HTML]
  • PoW Memberships: Trial Account [HTML]
  • Problems of the Week Blog (scenarios) [HTML]
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