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The Math Forum community has been developing mathematical communication and problem solving skills every day since 1992. Attend one of our sessions to learn more about the specific work we are doing to help improve mathematics education.

Annie Fetter -- @MFAnnie
Session 139 [handouts/slides]
Sense Making? Aren’t We Already Doing That In Literacy?

  • Monday, April 7, 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM
  • Grand Salon Suite B
  • The very first Common Core Standard for Mathematical Practice, telling students to “make sense of problems,” includes many ideas that have long been emphasized in literacy instruction. Yet when “math” starts, both teachers and students often leave those good habits behind. We’ll look at examples of this phenomenon and explore how to translate literacy routines into good mathematical practices.

Max Ray -- @maxmathforum
Session 163 [agenda/handouts]
Does That Make Sense in the Story? Front-loading Formative Assessment During Problem Solving

  • Monday, April 7, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Melrose
  • Taking time at the beginning of a problem-solving session to listen to student thinking pays off during independent work time. We’ll look at the difficult transition from reading a word problem to beginning to solve it, using student work, videos, and vignettes from upper-elementary and middle-school classrooms. I’ll share activities that make student thinking visible, provide opportunities for formative assessment, and help students compare ideas and develop their own sense-making strategies.

Annie Fetter -- @MFAnnie
Max Ray -- @maxmathforum
Session 366 [agenda]

  • Wednesday, April 9, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
  • Grand Ballroom B (capacity 430)
  • The Math Forum & NCSM present this Ignite session. What makes mathematical educators passionate? What IGNITES us? Join us to find out! See how well our ten featured speakers do with 20 PowerPoint slides advancing every 15 seconds, whether they are ready or not!
  • Speakers (in alphabetical order): Christopher Danielson, Rafranz Davis, Sadie Estrella, Annie Fetter, Linda Fulmore, Lani Horn, Justin Lanier, Steve Leinwand, Harshil Parikh, and Max Ray

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