Session 8: Unsilence Students' Voices

  • Thursday, April 10, 2014
  • 8:00 AM-9:00 AM
  • Suzanne Alejandre
  • Picture a classroom. The teacher presents a problem & initiates discussion. Some students look attentive, but are quiet. A few students have hands raised, posed to talk. At least one or two students seem disengaged. Every classroom has silenced voices. Why? Activities & handouts will be shared to help meet the CCSSM Practices, particularly #1 & #3.
  • download PowerPoint presentation: PPT || PDF


  • Introductions
  • Three Premises
    1. a person learns when they have a voice
      •       mental
      •       verbal
      •       written
    2. every classroom has silenced voices
    3. there are different reasons why a voice is not heard
  • Too Many Voices/Too Little Time
    •       Minimize teacher's talk time - no repetition of students' responses
    •       Maximize time students are talking
    •       Individual student ownership
  • Lack of Fluency in the Language
    •       mathematics is a language
    •       establishing need
  • Moving from Passive to Active Learners
    •       encouraging students to take ownership
    •       students take on the task
    •       students build their perseverance
    •       conversations beyond the answer




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