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NCTM Session 320: Ignite! We'll Enlighten You and We'll Make It Quick

Peg Cagle, Michael Fenton, Marilyn Strutchens, Andrew Stadel, Annie Fetter, Max Ray-Riek, Tracy Johnston Zager, Lee Stiff, Jennifer Wilson, Matt Larson with emcee, Brian Shay


YouTube links:

Peg Cagle: There is Nothing Natural About It!
Michael Fenton: Why We Love (and Hate) Movie Sequels
Marilyn Strutchens: Equitable Pedagogy: The Key to Students' Mathematics Reasoning and Sense Making
Andrew Stadel: Classroom Clock
Annie Fetter: An Alternative to SWBAT
Max Ray-Riek: The Revolution Will Be Blogged
Tracy Johnston Zager: Going Beyond Groupwork
Lee V. Stiff: What You Know for Sure!
Jennifer Wilson: The Slow Math Movement
Matt Larson: Balancing the Equation
Video of the entire event with Brian Shay's commentary: whole session

Links to other Ignite sessions on The Math Forum, NCTM YouTube channel:

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2015 Ignite Talks at Asilomar
2015 Ignite Talks at CMC - South
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2015 Ignite Talks at NCTM in Boston
2015 Ignite Talks at NCSM in Boston
2014 Ignite Talks at Asilomar
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2014 Ignite Talks at AMTNJ in New Brunswick, NJ
2014 Ignite Talks at NCSM in New Orleans
2013 Ignite Talks at Asilomar
2012 Ignite Talks at NCSM in Philadelphia
2012 Ignite Talk by Suzanne Alejandre at Asilomar
2011 Ignite Talks by Annie Fetter, Max Ray-Riek, and Steve Weimar at NCTM in Indianapolis

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