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2008 Materials Development Institute

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Thomas Webb Richards Room, 3rd floor, at the Inn at Penn

7:30-8:30 Breakfast
Continental breakfast will be available in our meeting room, including breakfast pastries, muffins, bagels and croissants with butter and fresh fruit preserves, sliced seasonal fruits, chilled fruit juices, freshly brewed coffee, decaffeinated coffee and herbal teas.
8:30 Welcome and Orientation to the Workspace
  • Set up participants' laptop computers and connect to the wireless network
  • Complete online pre-survey
  • Other logistics
9:00 Workshop Overview
  • NSDL grant
  • Goals of the grant:
    • introduce new technology resources to the broad audience of middle grades mathematics teachers
    • support those individuals who would like to become leaders in this community, conducting local workshops or offering online support
  • Goals of the Institute:
    • review, discuss, improve current algebraic reasoning workshop
    • outline three or more additional online workshops
    • discuss opportunities for faciliatating upcoming online workshops
9:30 Let's do math! Pan Balance Pandemonium
10:00 Small group - Meet with the participants who were observing the same section of the online workshop.
  • Section 1: Barbara, Seth, Glenys
  • Section 2: Mike, Patty, Richard
  • Section 3: Ashley, Pamela, George, Craig
  • Section 4: Remy, Marie, Lynne
  • Section 5: Margaret, Roy, Kirston
  • Section 6: Andrea, Chris

What did you notice in the workshop discussions about:

  • math content?
  • student learning?
  • teaching practices?

What did you notice about the workshop process and the interaction?

Each group write notes on the NSDL wiki

11:00 Full Group Discussion What do you notice? What are the strengths? What are the weaknesses?
12:00-1:00 Lunch - at the Inn at Penn in the Hourglass Room.
1:00 What is Algebraic Reasoning?
        Lannin_AlgReasonMTMS.pdf [password required]
        k6Willougbhy_AlgReasonTCM.pdf [password required]
2:00 Technology
  • find/make note illustrations of different benefits that technology can bring
  • list on the NSDL wiki
  • each group selects one to share with the group
3:00 Small Groups/Individual Interviews
  • Wes Shumar will have short 20 minute interviews with individual participants
  • informal time when small groups can get together
3:00 Afternoon snacks and beverages
4:00 Making the most of Math Tools
  • My MathTools: Profile, Friends, Saved Items
  • Discussions
  • Submissions: Resources, Write a Story
4:45 Reflection on the Day
  • What was most useful for you today? What was least useful?
  • What are you wondering about?
  • What suggestions do you have for improvement?
5:30 Meet in the lobby to walk to the train station
5:56 Catch the R3 train at University City Train Station to Morton
  • dinner at Steve and Ann's in Rutledge

Day 1 [Tuesday] || Day 2 [Wednesday] || Day 3 [Thursday] || Day 4 [Friday]

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