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2008 Materials Development Institute

George Austin-Martin
      Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Michael Backus
      Wasilla, Alaska
Patty Conigliaro
      East Hampton, New York
Barbara Delaney
      Bellingham, Massachusetts
Marie Hogan
      West Covina, California
Andrea Huguenin
      New York, New York
Lynne Ipina
      Laramie, Wyoming
Roy Lander
      Atlanta, Georgia
Seth Leavitt
      Minneapolis, Minnesota
Glenys Martin
      Parkside, Saskatchewan Canada
Margaret McCloskey
      Havertown, Pennsylvania
Ashley Miller
      Salisbury, North Carolina
Pamela Million
      Fairdale, Kentucky
Kirston Moore
      Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Remy Poon
      Mercer Island, Washington
Craig Russell
      Urbana, Illinois
Richard Strausz
      Southfield, Michigan
Chris Taranta
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

      Suzanne Alejandre
      Annie Fetter
      Lillian Ray
      Troy Regis
      Steve Weimar

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