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2007 Materials Development Institute


These were pulled from the Preparatory Activities discussions. They are not in any particular order. The numbers were added just for easy reference. We hope to add/edit this list:

What do you think are the big ideas and concepts of middle school probability?

  1. randomness (are sequential numbers more or less random than non-sequential)
  2. counting principles, sample spaces and the choices we have in representing outcomes
  3. empirical/experimental vs. theoretical probabilities
  4. simple multi-step outcomes
  5. organizing data (trees, Pascal's triangle, charts, tables, area models)
        construct visual model
        graphs/visual depictions with multiple interpretations/creating depiction to justify stance
  6. distributions
  7. make decisions/predictions/models
        some of life's decisions can be based on probability
  8. expected value
  9. move between ratios, proportions, decimals and percents when representing probabilities
  10. fairness
  11. vocabulary, precision of language, intuition, and misconceptions

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