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Journal Assignments for MA105:
Introduction to Modern Math

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This is a handout from a presentation given at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 10-13, 1996, Orlando, Florida.

Journal Assignments for MA105: Introduction to Modern Math

Beyond what is asked for in each specific entry, please feel free to add any further comments you may have. I would be pleased to learn how you feel about your progress in the course, especially relative to your previous experience with mathematics.

Entry 1: (due September 12) In paragraph form, discuss your previous experience with mathematics, in college and/or high school. Does your previous experience relate in any way with your selection of this particular math course?

Entry 2: (due September 19) In paragraph form, discuss your attempts to locate, your reasons for your choice, and your experience of working with your study partner.

Test #1 Will Be Returned Prior to Entry 3

Entry 3: (due September 26) In paragraph form, discuss what you learned from the test: about the course, the instructor, and yourself.

Entry 4: (due October 3) In paragraph form, give your suggestions for ways you think your preparation for Test #2 might differ from your preparation for Test #1.

Mid-term Tests/Reports Occur Between Entries 4 & 5

Entry 5: (due October 17) In paragraph form, compare/contrast your feelings about your preparation for and your performance on Test #1 and Test #2.

Entry 6: (due October 24) In paragraph form, explain any changes that you may have made in your approach to studying from class to class as well as for quizzes/tests, based on your performance up to mid-term reports. Indicate ways that you think your project may be enhanced by your previous experience.

Entry 7: (due October 31) Describe your individual/team efforts thus far regarding your semester project. (You should recall that your project accounts for 18% of your semester grade - the equivalent of a test grade.) Give any further suggestions about what might enable you to get more from this course.

Entry 8: (due November 14) Describe how you plan to use your experience from Tests #1 and #2 to guide you in your preparation for Test #3. Distinguish between your individual preparation and preparation with your study partner.

Entry 9: (due November 21) Write a brief essay about what you (individually) consider as positive and/or negative aspects of progress on your project at this point in time.

Entry 10: (due anytime up to December 8) Give your overall appraisal of various aspects of this class, content-wise as well as regarding the use of various teaching devices and techniques (journals, e-mail, study partners, frequent quizzes, etc.)

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