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This is the summary of a presentation given at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 10-13, 1996, Orlando, Florida.

A Constructivist Approach to a Capstone Course for Prospective Secondary Teachers

The goals of a capstone course for prospective secondary mathematics teachers are to enable students to build connections between undergraduate mathematics and school mathematics, to develop their understanding of mathematics as an integrated discipline, and to strengthen their oral and written communication skills in mathematics. When such a course is based on constructivist learning theories, special attention is paid to building a classroom climate in which social interactions are valuable for learning. Within that climate, students engage in a variety of experiences, making it possible for each to construct their own framework for making sense of mathematics. In this session, attendees will engage in a brief mathematical experience from this this course, thereby opening discussion on the power of a constructivist capstone experience for prospective secondary mathematics teachers. A course outline and samples of classroom activities and assessment tools will be provided.

Dale R. Oliver, Humboldt State University

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