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Excerpts from the program for the Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 10 - 13, 1996, Orlando, Florida.

 MAA Session on Teaching Mathematics by Blind
     Instructors or to Blind Students

    Teaching mathematics as a blind person.
Abraham Nemeth, University of Detroit Mercy

    New braille tools for blind mathematicians.
John Gardner, Oregon State University

    The blind professor and the sighted student.
Lawrence W. Baggett, University of Colorado, Boulder

    Teaching calculus using alternative techniques.
Norberto Salinas, University of Kansas

    Communicating with the graphing calculator.
Elizabeth L. Doane, Housatonic Community Technical College

    Both sides of the teacher's desk.
Charles Hallenbeck, University of Kansas

    Audio system for technical readings.
T. V. Raman, Digital Equipment Corporation

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