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These are excerpts from the program for the Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 10-13, 1996, Orlando, Florida.


From the MAA Session on Creating an Active Learning Environment - Preparing Pre-Service Teachers [we are hosting additional information on this session]:

Panel Discussions

The training of teaching assistants.
Young Mathematicians Network Panel Discussion
Kevin E. Charlwood, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Edward F. Aboufadel, Southern Connecticut State University
Suzanne M. Lenhart, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Michael J. McAsey, Bradley University

The Ph.D. in mathematics education: Program structures and professional opportunities for graduates.
MAA Panel Discussion
Joan Ferrini-Mundy, University of New Hampshire
Henry O. Pollak, Teachers College/Columbia University
Eileen F. Donoghue, Teachers College/Columbia University
John A. Dossey, Illinois State University
Bradford R. Findell, University of New Hampshire
Richard M. Grassl, University of Northern Colorado
Paul E. Kehle, Indiana University


MAA Minicourse#18
Training tools for mathematics TA teaching workshops.

Other Presentations

  • Leading the way to systemic change---innovations in teacher preparation programs.
    Elizabeth G. Yanik, Emporia State University
  • A collaborative to promote excellence and diversity for future teachers.
    William Burkley Jacob, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Kenneth C. Millett, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Myriam Steinback, Newton, Massachusetts
  • The preparation of elementary school teachers: Thoughts of an elementary curriculum writer.
    Philip D. Wagreich, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • The MIDDLE MATH Project: Reshaping the preparation of teachers of middle grades mathematics.
    Sidney L. Rachlin, East Carolina University

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