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A presentation of the following article was given at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 10-13, 1996, Orlando, Florida.

A Teacher In-Service Course on Technology

Carl R. Spitznagel
John Carroll University
e-mail: spitz@jcvaxa.jcu.edu


As part of an in-service Master of Arts program for high school
mathematics teachers, John Carroll University offers a course
titled "Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics."  In the
most recent offering, this course dealt with the TI-82 calculator,
the TI CBL, the LOGAL Tangible Math software, Geometer's Sketchpad,
Derive, and mathematics resources on the Internet.
After a brief description of the structure of the master's
program, this talk will provide some details on the topics
of the course, with examples of assignments and student work.


--Designed for in-service secondary teachers
--Typical completion: 3 summers
--Courses chosen from:

      Mathematical Structures
      Discrete Mathematics
      Modern Geometry
      Curves, Surfaces and Space
      Topics in Calculus
      Quantitative Literacy
      Great Moments in Mathematics
      Mathematical Potpourri
      Computer Science for H.S. Teachers
      Problems in Mathematics
      Chaos & Fractals in the Classroom
      Technology in Teaching Math


Although this particular course was designed for in-service teachers,
most of the material and activities could be easily adapted for
the pre-service setting.

Topics Covered:

      TI-82  & Graph Link:    20 %
      TI CBL:                 20 %
      LOGAL Tangible Math 
                 software:    15 %
      Geometer's Sketchpad:   20 %
      DERIVE:                 15 %
      Math resources on 
               Internet:      10 %

Texts & Resources:

1. "Graphing Calculator Activities: Exploring Topics in Precalculus,"
    Lund & Andersen, Addison-Wesley
2.  "CBL System Experiment Workbook," Texas Instruments
3.  "Tangible Math Workbook," LOGAL
4.  "The Geometer's Sketchpad User Guide and Reference Manual,"
    Key Curriculum Press
5.  "Teaching Geometry with The Geometer's Sketchpad,"
    Key Curriculum Press
6.  "College Algebra Laboratories Using DERIVE," Phil DeMarois, MathWare

Classes & Activities:

--Introductions to each technology given by instructor
--Critiques, reports & discussions
--Individuals design worksheets
--Lab work: pairs
--Groups develop & present CBL experiments
--Brainstorm on uses for technology
--Pairs design worksheets & teacher notes
--Critique of  student-written worksheets
--In-lab demonstrations by students

Student Comments:

--"The assignments in the Graphing Calculator Activities book were great.  
   I would definitely use the activities in my classroom."
--"I really enjoyed the time spent working on the CBL...I plan on 
   applying some of these experiments in my classroom."
--"During the Sketchpad activities, I actually think that I learned some 
   things about geometry."
--"With all the worksheets we developed in this class, I can almost use 
   one for each major topic in a geometry class."
--"I plan to lobby hard when I return to school to have our department 
   purchase at least one classroom set of them [TI-82's]."
--"Now that I am aware of what is available, I will be better able to 
   convince higher-ups of its importance to mathematics education."

Additional Information:

Anyone wishing to receive more information about this course, such
as syllabus, assignments or exams, may contact me by e-mail:
spitz@jcvaxa.jcu.edu.  Please include your snail-mail address.
I would also be very interested to hear what you have been doing
in similar courses.

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