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    As a parent, you are the most profound teacher of your children. Our newest service, Teacher2Teacher, is here to answer your questions about the ways your children learn math.

Forum Resources of Interest to Parents and Citizens

    Math Discussion Groups
    Participating in (or just reading) public discussions at the Forum will make you aware of the topics that mathematicians, math educators, and math students consider important.

    Math Education
    There's a lot of activity currently centered around reforming math education. You might want to look at our Math Education pages for information on a variety of concepts and practices.

    Internet Mathematics Library
    Looking for something specific? Use the Forum Internet Mathematics Library, an annotated, searchable database of math-related materials on the Web. For example, see an excerpt of a search conducted on the keyword "parents."

    Key Issues for the Mathematics Community
    Read about the social issues faced by math teachers, students, and professors.

    Student Center and Teachers' Place
    You might also wish to browse through our special resources for students and teachers.

Useful Material Elsewhere on the Internet

    EXTEND: Expectations of Mathematics Education
    A national Internet forum on math education, EXTEND has begun a discussion on expectations of math education. Issues addressed include concerns about the relation of skills to understanding, connections with other disciplines, and preparation for employment.

    What Should I Look For in a Math Classroom?
    A relevant article produced by the Mathematical Sciences Education Board of the National Research Council.

    Helping Your Child Learn Math
    This document, by Patsy Kanter for the U.S. Department of Education, features math activities for children ages 5-13 (and their parents). For another presentation of this material, see the pages from KidSource Online.

    The New HomeWork
    This article presents family activities designed to help children identify reliable Internet sources, notice bias, resist propaganda and develop their own independent ideas based upon research. From the February 1997 edition of FromNowOn.Org: The Educational Technology Journal.

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