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For more on fractions, search or browse the fractions/decimals/percents pages in the Internet Mathematics Library.


Fractals - Cynthia Lanius
What are Fractals? They're everywhere, those bright, weird, beautiful shapes called fractals. But what are they, really?
Fractals from Kids Web
Fractals and scale (An introduction to fractals); The Spanky Fractal Database (A fabulous resource for fractal images, software and information); Fractal images and animations (Computer animations and images of fractals).
The Busy Teacher's Website
Links to lots of sites with information about fractals: Galleries of fractals, the Fractal Microscope, Fractal Music, Fractal Pictures and Animations.
The sci.fractals FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
A reference about fractals, including answers to commonly asked questions, archive listings of fractal software, images, papers that can be accessed via the Internet using FTP, gopher, or the World-Wide-Web (WWW), and a bibliography for further readings.

Math History

Egyptian Fractions
David Eppstein's page on Egyptian Fractions includes his research and the work of other mathematicians.
Pharaoh's Heart Resources
This Egyptology Site contains information about Babylonian and Egyptian mathematics.
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Mara Landers

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