Hershey Fractions

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Author: Karen Tobler

Grade Level: 2,3,4,5

Description: Students will use a Hershey chocolate bar to reinforce fractional concepts.


  1. Students will be able to take a whole and divide into fractional parts.
  2. Students will problem solve on how to divide up the bar evenly among their group members.

Materials: Hershey chocolate bar for each group, notepaper and pencils


  1. Divide the class into cooperative groups with 3,4 or 6 in a group for lower elementary students, any number for upper elementary students. (Remind the students that they will be using the chocolate bar for answering questions and lots of touching will make it melt.)

  2. Use the attached sheet as a hand out or to guide the activity. Answers are provided.

Evaluation: Students should write their responses in a journal or on paper so that understanding can be checked.

Follow-up Activities (Optional): Cook!

Hershey Fractions Sheet




Before you open the candy bar estimate how many pieces it is divided into.

Estimate: ____________________

Actual _______________________

How many rows? _____________

How many columns? _________

What addition or multiplication problem do you see using the above information? Write the problem and a picture below.

Break off the first column of the candy bar. How many pieces did you take? ______________________

What fraction of the candy bar did you take? ____________

If we use each column to stand for one so that the candy bar has 4 sections, and we take one section, what fraction do you take? _____________

Break off another column. How many pieces have you taken all together? ____________

What fractions of the candy bar is gone? ________________

Can you think of a different way to say that? ________________ * Hint: Look at the two piles.

Break off another column. How many pieces have you taken all together? ______________

What fractions of the candy bar is gone? ______________________

Put all the pieces together in a pile. Discuss how you will share the candy so that each person has the same amount. Write your explanation down using pictures if necessary.

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