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Author: Laura Jewell

Grade Level: 3-7

Description: This is a card game to reinforce any math concept.

Make a deck of 31 or more cards. There should be at least 15 pairs of question and answers. Make one card,the "monster card," on which you can draw a picture of a monster or use a funny sticker to decorate the card.

Three to six players can play. The game is played like Old Maid, except the object of the game is to end up with the monster card instead of getting rid of it. The entire deck is dealt to all players. Each player puts any pairs he has in his hand face up on the table.

After all the pairs are down, the first player takes a card from the player on his left and puts down any pairs. Play continues in this manner until all pairs are down on the table. The player holding the monster card at the end of the game is the winner.

There are endless possibilities for the different topics that can be used with this game. However, problems should be ones that can be easily solved with mental math.

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