Orange Slices

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Author: Joanne Caniglia

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Description: Students investigate oranges to find out if oranges have the same number of slices.They also investigate the fractional part of an orange.

Objectives: To study the parts of a whole and compare the number of slices in an orange.

Resources/Materials: Oranges, paper towels, Each Orange Has Eight Slices, Paul Giganti Jr.

Activities/Procedures: Children work in groups. Distribute all the materials. Students will answer the following questions:

  1. When you peel the orange, how many pieces do you peel off? Which one is larger and which one is smaller?
  2. How many sections does your orange have?
  3. Do you have an even number or odd number of oranges?
  4. Bon Appetit!
  5. Encourage children to predict the answer to the question, do all oranges have the same number of slices?

Read the story, Each Orange Has Eight Slices.

Evaluation: Students will record their results on a large graph. They will orally discuss their answers to the questions.

Followup Activities (optional): Children may answer questions that involve more thought:

  1. How do seedless oranges compare with oranges with seeds?
  2. Do tangerines have more sections?
  3. Do oranges that are big have more slices?

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