Shooting Percentages

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Author: Laura Jewell

Grade Level: 5-8

Description: This activity allows students to have fun while at the same time practicing their skill at fraction/decimal conversion and knowledge of percentages. Students take turns tossing a ball into a wastebasket, while all other students keep track of how many shots are made.


  1. Tennis or nerf ball
  2. Wastebasket, Index cards numbered 1-20
  3. Paper and pencils for other students


  1. Draw or tape a line to the floor at a distance from the wastebasket.

  2. Choose a student to draw a card. This is the number of shots he/she will take.

  3. The student shoots the ball at the wastebasket while the other students are keeping track of the number of shots made. They write this as a fraction, i.e. the number of shots made over total shots taken.

  4. Students then convert this fraction to a decimal and the decimal to a percentage.

  5. Another student draws a card and shoots. Continue in this way until all cards are used.

  6. Compare all the scores to decide who had the best percentage. Did some students have advantages over others? What is an easy way to improve ones' percentage?

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