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 General Measurement Software

Descriptions and Ordering Information

Bake and Taste - Edsoft (ESI) Online
Students learn to read for detail and comprehension as they select, organize, measure, and follow directions to choose dessert for company. They measure, mix, set oven time and temperature and bake. Teacher options allow for 3 levels of difficulty plus assistance for using fractions to measure. Recipes may be printed. IBM requires CGA or better. Macintosh requires System 6.0.7 or later, 2 MB and color monitor.
Concepts of Measurement - Edsoft (ESI) Online
Measurement of time, and perimeter and area of simple polygons
Exploring Measurement, Time, and Money - IBM Education
Software description, benefits, packaging, professional benefits, and more.
Liquid Measurement - Edsoft (ESI) Online
Grades 3-6: Working with cups, pints, quarts, gallons, abbreviations, comparison of measurements. 9 lessons.
Mathlab: Measurement Concepts - Edsoft (ESI) Online
A program that helps students learn and improve basic math skills through measurement activities. By transforming the computer screen into a drawing board with rulers, compass, protractor, grids, calculator, and note pad, MathLab enables students to solve problems selected from a wide range of topics and presented through interesting and practical applications. MathLab also offers windows, pull-down menus, and dialog boxes.
Measuring - Michelson - Edsoft (ESI) Online
The importance of making exact measurements, and how special systems are used to make difficult measurements.
Unlocking Measurement - Edsoft (ESI) Online
Allows students to continue developing measurement concepts including length, height, area, perimeter, and angle by working with systems of measure. Students can use both standard and non-standard systems of measure. Using the Auto Measure mat, students can explore the dynamic relationships between area, perimeter, and angle measures.

 Metric Units and Unit Conversion Software

Descriptions and Ordering Information

ConversionCalc© - AdenaCorp
A full-featured scientific calculator integrated with numerical conversions. It has fourteen significant digits for all operations and is available in a 16-bit version for Windows 3.1 and a 32-bit version for Windows 95 and Windows NT.
Measurement - Edsoft (ESI) Online
Metric System: Length and Area, Weight and Volume; U.S. Customary Measurements and Metric Equivalents, Denominate Numbers, Applications in Medicine.
Metric Measurements - Edsoft (ESI) Online
Major steps in the development of the metric system; understanding the need for a standard system of measurement.
Metric Meddler - Edsoft (ESI) Online
Understanding sample units & techniques in metric measurement
RTP Converter - Chuck Smyrniotis
Do you often find yourself looking for a reference manual to figure out measurement conversions? The RPT-1 Converter takes the place of a reference manual and is designed to be a tool that meets everyday needs.

Calculators for Unit Conversion

Cook's Calculator - Dragon Street Pictures
Converts units of weight, temperature, or volume.
IC Measurement Converter - Internet Chefs/Ryan Roper
With High Altitude Adjustments. Convert to/from cups, teaspoons, gallons, liters, milliliters, quarts, pints, fluid ounces, pounds, and kilograms.
Measurement Conversion Calculator - Entisoft
Many online calculators require a java-capable browser. Here's one that doesn't: Entisoft's calculator will perform over 500 different unit conversions for distance, area, volume, mass, speed, temperature, pressure, energy, power, force, etc.
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