High School Level Questions on Distance
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High School Dr. Math Questions on Measurement
Below are some questions and answers from our archive of questions sent via e-mail by K12 students and teachers to Ask Dr. Math. You may also browse the entire high school level archive by category.

 Measuring Distance

3d Distance
What's the easiest way to find the distance between a point and a line in three dimensions: When the line is defined by two points in space, and when the line is defined by angles from the cartesian axes?
Defining Distance Mathematically
What is wrong with D' = sqrt(X^2 - X'2)?
Determining Distance Using Longitude and Latitude
Use longitude and latitude to determine distance in rectangular coordinates.
Distance Between Two Lines: Vectors
What is the shortest distance between 2 lines?
Distance Between Two Points on the Earth
My latitude and longitude are in the form 40.266934, -74.204930 respectively, with negatives for South and West. How do I calculate the distance between them?
Distance Calculation
If I have the co-ordinates of two places in Degrees Latitude and Longitude, how do I calculate the distance in nautical miles?
Finding a Point Equidistant From Two Other Points
Point A is (-5,-3), and point B is (-1,-5); to be equidistant from A and B, what should the value of k be for the point (3,k)?
Geometry Ladder Problem
A figure shows a 12-foot ladder leaning across a 5-foot fence and touching a higher wall located 3ft behind the fence. You want to find the distance x from the base of the ladder to the bottom of the fence...
Midpoint of a Straight Line Segment
What is the midpoint of this: (-3,4) (5,-4)? Use the distance formula.
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