High School Level Questions on Length and Perimeter
from the Dr. Math Archives

High School Dr. Math Questions on Measurement
Below are some questions and answers from our archive of questions sent via e-mail by K12 students and teachers to Ask Dr. Math. You may also browse the entire middle school level archive by category.

 Length and Perimeter

   Finding Length

Length of a Carpet
A carpet is placed diagonally in a rectangular room...
Length of a Triangle's Sides
I have a triangle problem for you to solve: The lengths of the three sides of a triangle could be...
Length of the Hypotenuse
A 30-60-90 degree problem. If the base is 3 and the adjacent side is 6, how do I find the hypotenuse?
Side lengths of a Scalene Triangle
Two observers on points A and B of a national park see a beginning fire on point C. Knowing that the angles CAB = 45 degrees, ABC = 105 degrees and that the distance between points A and B is of 15 kilometers, determine the distances between B and C, and between A and C.

   Finding Perimeter

Formulas: Width, Side Length of Octagon
Given the width of an octagon, what is the length of a side, and vice- versa?
Perimeter of an Ellipse
What is the formula for calculating the perimeter of an oval, or an ellipse?
Perimeter of an Octagon
What is the perimeter of a an octagonal garden with a diameter of six feet?
Polyhedron inside Sphere
How long do the sides of a dodecahedron have to be to fit into a sphere of diameter 2.9 m?

   Perimeter and Area

Area and Perimeter: Mowing the Lawn
How many circuits are necessary to cut half the lawn?
Dimensions of a Rectangle
What are the dimensions of a rectangle if the area is equal to the perimeter?
If You Know Perimeter, Can You Find Area?
Can one determine the acreage of an irregularly shaped field if only the distance around the edge of the field (in feet) is known?
Square with same Perimeter and Area as a Triangle
I've been hunting for a square/triangle combination with the same perimeters and areas. Is this possible?
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