Middle School Level: Miscellaneous Questions
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Middle School Dr. Math Questions on Measurement
Below are some questions and answers from our archive of questions sent via e-mail by K12 students and teachers to Ask Dr. Math. You may also browse the entire middle school level archive by category.

 Measuring Natural Phenomena

Giraffe Height
A newborn giraffe 6 feet tall is 1/3 the height of an adult giraffe. How much taller is the adult?
Measuring Rainfall (acres/inches)
How many gallons of water are there when 1" of rain falls on 1 acre?


Definitions: Average, Mean, Mode
Is there a simple definition comparing the meaning of the Mean, Average, and Mode?
Geometric and Arithmetic Means
Find two numbers whose sum is 20 and whose geometric and arithmetic mean is 8.
How to Average
What is the average mass of 11.935g, 11.936g, 11.937g, and 11.938g?
What is the median of several numbers?
Teaching the Concept of "Average"
How do I explain what an "average" is?
What Does "Mean" Mean?
Can the terms average and mean be used interchangeably?
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