Middle School Level Questions on Units and Conversions
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Middle School Dr. Math Questions on Measurement
Below are some questions and answers from our archive of questions sent via e-mail by K12 students and teachers to Ask Dr. Math. You may also browse the entire middle school level archive by category.

 Units of Measure and Conversions

Abbreviation for Pound
I was wondering why the abbreviation of pound is lb.
British Thermal Units
What is the formula for converting BTU (British Thermal Units)?
Converting Areas: Square Feet to Square Inches
How many square inches are in ten square feet?
Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit
What is the Fahrenheit equivalent for 15 million degrees centigrade? (That's the temperature at the center of the sun.) What is the Fahrenheit equivalent of -150 degrees Celsius, and how does this differ from centigrade? To convert 500 degrees centigrade to Fahrenheit, what figures do I use?
Converting English Stones into Pounds
Could you please tell me what 13 stones (English weight measurement) equates to in pounds?
Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius
Is there a temperature that is the same on both the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales?
Converting Meters to Feet
How many feet are there in one meter? How many feet and inches is 1.84m?
Converting Metric Units
Do you have any suggestions about converting ml to liters etc.?
Converting Square Yards to Square Feet
57.33 sq. yds. equals ___ sq. ft?
Converting Time
I have a clock that is "measured by 100", meaning 25=15 minutes, 50=30 minutes, etc. How do I convert this into "real time"?
Converting Units of Measure
Find the unit of measure for (3 pounds over 1 square inch) * (144 square inches over 1 square foot)....
Finding Areas using Unit Conversions
How do you calculate area, expressed in English units? For example: how do you calculate the area of a rectangle, where one side is, say, 2 miles, 3 furlongs, 4 yards, 2 feet and 5 inches...?
Fractions and Measurement
Are there names for very small fractions of an inch?
Grams, Milliliters, Centimeters, Meters...
Would you measure an egg in g or ml? How many cm are in a m? If it is 35 degrees C, what season is it? ...
Inches and Feet in Decimal Form
How do I convert fractions of inches and feet into a decimal expression of the length in feet?
Linear Foot
How much is a linear foot?
Metric Conversion
How many meters is 67 centimeters equal to?
Metric Conversions
How do I convert cubic yards to cubic meters?
Metric Prefixes
What are the metric prefixes for 10e4, 10e5, 10e7, 10e8 and the corresponding neg. values?
Origin of the Word 'Yard'
Why do they call a yard, a yard? Where does this word originate?
Setting Up Proportions and Unit Conversions
If you can run 100 meters in 10 seconds, how long, in days, hours, and minutes, does it take you to run 12,800,000 meters?
Teaching Fractions of an Inch
Do you have any suggestions on how to best teach the "inch"?
Time, Speed, Distance, and Unit Conversion
If a car moves at 44 mph for 50 minutes, how many kilometers does it travel?
Unit Conversions
Dr. Math offers a good tip for most unit conversions.
Unit Conversions - Metric System
Convert: 3.25 cm to millimeters, 9.24 km to meters, 1,000 mi to kilometers.
What is the Difference between a Metric and a Standard Ton?
A student has a question about units of weight.
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