Metric Equivalents

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Author: Rebecca Tresino, Sun Valley Jr./Sr. High, AK

Grade Level/Subject: Math - Secondary Students


Purpose: To simplify metric equivalents.

Objectives: Students will be able to convert a metric measurement to another, easily and quickly.


          K  H  D   (unit)    D  C  M

   which stands for:

          K  H  D   (meter)    D  C  M
          i  e  e   --------   e  e  i
          l  c  k              c  n  l
          o  t  a              i  t  i
             o                    i

   students will remember:

   K  over  H over  D over  ______  D over  C over  M
   i        u       r               o       a       o
   n        m       a               g       t       u
   g        a       g                               s
   s        n       o                               e
            s       n

  1. You will decide what unit you are changing FROM and what unit you are changing TO.
  2. Starting at the FROM unit, count over (keeping in mind "left" or "right") to the TO unit.

**This will be the number of places you will move the decimal in your answer.


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