Mysterious Measurements

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Author: Joanne Caniglia

Grade Level: 5

Description: This activity will combine language arts with metric measurement concepts such as perimeter, surface area, and volume.

Objective: To utilize the students' knowledge on both writing riddles and on perimeter, surface area, and volume.

Resources: Centimeter rule, meter stick, 10 index cards, paper, and pencil.

Activities and Procedures:

  1. The student will stay in his or her chair and find 10 objects in the classroom. They will then collect the following information about each object: length, width, height, and perimeter, surface area, and volume.

  2. On each index card, students will write a riddle for each of the objects using the information provided.

  3. Students should be exposed to riddles before this event.

  4. Students are also to create a set of solutions.

  5. After proofreading the students' riddles, students will rewrite the riddles on an index card. An exchange of index cards is not only interesting but fun.

Evaluations: Students will be evaluated on both their writing and math skills. The clarity and cogency of clues are major criteria.

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