Park City Mathematics Institute
Teacher Leadership Program
Applicant Information

The teacher leadership progam is an opportunity for teachers to develop their understanding of mathematics in a unique environment. Applicants will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • potential for growth as an individual
  • potential for sharing the PCMI experience with colleagues
  • support from school and/or colleagues
  • evidence of commitment to students and to teaching students mathematics

Teacher Leadership Program details for 2016 are on the IAS site
For more information and resources for teachers.
Information about Zermatt Resort and Midway, Utah and surrounding areas
Zermatt Resort | Utah Resort and Spa (location of PCMI 2016)
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Midway, Utah
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Facebook: Things to do in Midway, Utah Heber City Area
Information about Park City
Map of Park City, Utah Yahoo Maps
Park City, Utah
Park City Chamber of Commerce/Convention & Visitors Bureau
Wikipedia: Park City, Utah Park City

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