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Photo Album - PCMI SSTP at a Glance!

Photos taken during Summer 2013

Day 1: Morning Class: Photos by Darryl
Pre-Clay Lecture by Gerhard Huisken
Day 2: Morning Class: Photos by Darryl
Day 2: SSTP and UFP Conversation
Day 3: Reception c-TaP at Fuego: Photos by Jennifer Outzs
Day 3: Morning Class: Photos by Darryl [page 1] [page 2]
4th of July Parade: Photos by Jason Lang [page 1] [page 2]
4th of July Fireworks: Photos by Jason Lang
Barb's Favorites: Week 1
Conversation with Carla Cederbaum
Shared Practices: July 9
3D-Printing Mathematical Models: George Hart
Fractions by Gail Burrill
Barb's Favorites: Week 2
Conversation with Richard Schoen
Building Party: Monday, July 15
Cross Program: Bathsheba Grossman
Shared Practices: July 16
Group Photo: Summer School Teachers Program

Photos taken during Summer 2012

Day 1: Morning Class: Photos by Darryl
Day 1: Morning Class
Day 2: Morning Class
4th of July Parade, page 1 || page 2 || page 3
Clay Lecture: Alex Lubotzky
Jason Receives Number Cookies
Robbert Dijkgraaf Visits the Morning Class
First Annual PCMI World Cup Match
Ashli Treats Us to Crepes
Pre-Clay Lecture: Martin Bridson
Day 5: Morning Class: Photos by Darryl
Day 5: Morning Class, Page 2: Photos by Darryl
Building Party, Third Week
    includes pattern for Stellated Rombic Dodecahedron puzzle
Secondary School Teachers Program (SSTP) Group Photo
Rail Trail - photos by Jim King
Day 9: Morning Class: Photos by Darryl

Photos taken during Summer 2011


4th of July: Brunch
Day 1: Reflecting on Practice: Connections to Research
Day 1: Data Working Group at Play
Day 1: Calculator Training
Day 2: Morning Class
Day 2: Origami Polyhedron and Kites
Day 3: Morning Class
Day 3: Does a Tetrahedron Have an Euler Line?
Day 3: International Seminar Participants
Weeks 1 & 3: Pizza and Problem Solving
Week 1 Excursion: Hiking in Sundance
Week 1: Dinner with International Seminar Participants
Week 2: 3:15 Zome Tool Festival
Week 2: Monday Zome Building
Week 2: Conversations with Olimpia Castro Mora and Cuong Vo
Week 2: Ice Cream Social
Week 2: Salt Activity
Sewing a Pentacontihexahedral Klein Curve
Day 8: Math Building Party - Origami
Week 3: Morning Class Photos
Week 3: In Search of Snow!

Photos taken during Summer 2010

Day 1: Morning Class: Photos by Darryl
Day 1: Morning Class: Photos by Carol
Day 1: Reflecting on Practice: Connections to Research
Seattle Teacher Project: Preparation
July 1 Afternoon: Seattle Teacher Project: Presentation
Day 6: Building Party: Photos by Cal
Conversation with Ingrid Daubechies
Conversation with Nick Jackiw
Week 3: Morning Class: Tables
Art, Carol, and Suzanne Visit Provo River Falls
July 15: Blake Peterson's Presentation

Photos taken during Summer 2009

Week 1: Morning, page 1
Week 1: Morning, page 2
Three Rooms: Reflecting on Practice
Parade Preparation
The 4th of July Parade
Week 3: Tables 1 - 12
Blake E. Peterson
Week 3: Building Party - Zome Tools: page 1 || page 2 || page 3
Week 3: Building Party - Origami: page 1 || page 2
Week 3: Morning Photos
Week 3: More Morning Photos
Zome Tools: Truncated 120-cell

Photos taken during Summer 2008

Nicole and Ben's Wedding || page 2 || page 3
Week 1: Morning
Week 1: Eleven O'Clock Hour
Visiting Cows on Main Street
Week 1: Hands on Math Evening Activity
McAllen, New Mexico, Seattle groups
Problem Solving and Pizza, July 10
Week 2: An Evening with George Hart
Week 2: An Evening with George Hart, More Photos
Week 2: Paper Plate & Cup Models
Week 2: Ice Cream Social in the Tent
Carol Baking π Cookies

Photos taken during Summer 2007

Photos from Week 1
Play Time w/ Zome Tools, Week 1
Photos from Week 1 Mornings
Table Photos
Big Polyhedra - Philip Mallinson
Designing and Delivering Professional Development
Thomas Spencer
Monday Night Building Party
Photos from Week 2
Srinivasa Varadhan
Zome Tools & Their Mathematics
Posing with the Moose on Main Street
Pizza and Problem Solving
Governor Huntsman
4th of July Parade
Celebrating Peg's Birthday in PCMI Style
Andrei Okounkov
Rafting Trip
International Panel HS teachers visit SSTP

Photos taken during Summer 2006

Reflection on Practice Class, Day 1
Morning, Week 1
Week 1 Photo Collection
Hyperbolic Plane and Iron Chef Vote
Pizza and Problem Solving, Week 1
Model Madness, Week 1
Parade - Jim King's Photos

Photos taken during Summer 2005

Opening Dinner: pg 1 ||  pg 2 ||  pg 3
Math Content Class: pg 1 ||  pg 2
Discussing Recursive Sequences
Investigating Sequences
The Last Day
"Water Flask" Problem
Iron Chef Awards Ceremony
First Model Night
Second Model Night: pg 1 ||  pg 2 ||  pg 3
Third Model Night
The Manly House
Parade Set-up
Parade: pg 1
    pg 2 ||  pg 3 ||  pg 4 ||  pg 5 ||  pg 6 ||  pg 7

Photos taken during Summer 2004

Carol, Peg, and Suzanne's Trip on July 24
Combinatorics: Kinesthetic Exercise
Drawing and Building Polytopes
How Many Cubes? Math Tools tPoW
HSTP Break Time?
Ice Cream Social, July 22
Jerry's Excursion Photos, July 24
Mathematicians Join Dicusssion
McAllen, Texas Excursion
Model Building Party, July 13
Model Building Party, July 20
The High School Teacher Room
Photos from the HSTP
Seattle Bonding Experience, page 1 || page 2
State Standards
Zome Tools

Photos taken during Summer 2003

page 1
The Parade Committee assembles the tensegrity model for the parade.
page 2 || page 3 || page 4
Jim King's, Art Mabbott's, and Cal Armstrong's candid photographs taken during the 4th of July parade.
page 5 || page 6 || page 7
Charlie Schwartz discussing Conway Pencil Models, Straw Polyhedra, and Tensegrity.
page 8
Peg Cagle, Art Mabbott, and David Kapolka discussing the "Origami."
page 9
David Wright discussing the "Real Hyperbolic Plane."
page 10
Celebrating Peg Cagle's and Gary Kovac's birthdays.
page 11
Suzanne Alejandre talks about the Math Forum Connection to PCMI.
page 12
Photos taken during the morning sessions.
page 13
Photos taken during various times during the Institute by Cal Armstrong.

Photos taken during Summer 2002



page 1
Jim King's candid photographs taken during the 4th of July parade.
page 2
Art Mabbott explained the mathematics of the kites which were the focus of the parade.
page 3
Photos taken during the morning sessions.
page 4
Photos from various afternoon working group meetings.
page 5
The origami and polyhedra parties were a popular activity in the evenings.

Photos taken during Summer 2001


page 1
Full group photograph of participants present the third week.
page 2
Candid photographs from the morning session.
page 3
Close-up photographs of some of the participants.
page 4
Photographs from the computer lab and working groups.

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