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Reflection on Practice Class: Week 3 Lessons

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Table 1: How does the Average Rate of Change, or Slope, of Quadratic Functions Differ from that of Linear Functions? -- Mary Andrews, Kelley Butler, Faye Chiu, Shoba Farrell
download Table1_072208_Lesson Study LP_final.doc
download Table1_072208_LessonStudy_Handout.doc
download Table 1 Suggested Revisions
Table 3: Slope and Parallelograms -- Rey Jope, Brian Hamel, Sandy Peterson, Connie Jaramillo
download PCMI_slope_group_activity_last_week.doc
download Table 3 Suggested Revisions
Table 4 Let's Go Hiking --Haley Woods, Kymberly Riggins, Lisa Cover, and Nathan Dummitt
download Slope_Lesson.doc
download Slope_Lesson.pdf
download Table 4 Suggested Revisions
Table 5: Timed Tongue Twister Times Two -- Sandra Alvarado, Lou Shoe, Jennifer Outzs, Traci DeMarco, Sergio Andrade
download IntroductiontoSlope.doc
download IntroToSlopeTable5.doc
download Table 5 Suggested Revisions


Table 2: Build a similar box that is twice as big... -- Karen D'Emiljo, Janet Meyer, Carol Spice, Bree Murray, Andy Shaw
download 11_o'clock_Similarity_Lesson_Plan_Draft2
download Net_of_Bree_Box_revised
download Table 2 Suggested Revisions
Table 7: Similarity -- Mary Jo Hughes, Katie Gibson, Kim Wollard, Ana Pamela Castro, Remy Poon
download Lesson_Plan_designed_by_Table_7.doc
download studentworksheet.doc
download Table_7_Original_Pic.gsp
download Table 7 Suggested Revisions
Table 11: Similarity -- Melanie Smith, Jocelyn Co, Raul Hinojosa, Patrick Phippen
download LPpics2008_07_21.pdf
download LPsimilarity2008_07_22.doc
download taskcards.doc
download Table 11 Suggested Revisions
Table 12: Similarity in Matrix Transformations -- Andrew Richardson, Dan Willms, Mark Sawula, Ted Linnenbringer
download PCMILessonStudyTable12_Backgroundinformation.doc
download PCMILessonStudyTable12_FinalLessonSummary.doc
download PCMILessonStudyTable12_StudentTask.doc
download Table 12 Suggested Revisions

Area of a Quadrilateral

Table 6: Letting in the Light -- Vicki Clancy, Allen Jacobson, Armando Madrigal, Scott Matthews
download PCMI_Table6_Lessonv2.doc
download PCMI_Table6_StudentHandoutsv2.doc
download Table 6 Suggested Revisions
Table 8: Geometry: Intro to quadrilateral areas using coordinate geometry -- Avery Pickford, Todd Vawdrey, Chris Border, Anna Savoie
download PCMITable8Lesson.doc
download Table 8 Suggested Revisions
Table 9: Creating different quadrilaterals with the same area -- Sergio Zepeda, Lori Bodner, Sendhil Revuluri, Ian Sample, Stacey Seeger
download LessonRevised080722.doc
download TaskLaunchAreaofQuads.jpg
download Table 9 Suggested Revisions
Table 10: Introduction to inverse functions using area of a quadrilateral, for precalculus -- Marcy Conn, Laurie Conley, Tony Baccay, Cami Perkes
download PCMI_table10_Student_Worksheet_v2[1].doc
download PCMI_table10Lesson_Plan_v2[1].doc
download Table 10 Suggested Revisions

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