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Three Rooms: Reflecting on Practice

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Ning: PCMI 2012


References related to questioning as a strategy to improve teaching and learning mathematics
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Room 1 (SK 2): Sandy and Aaron

Room 2 (SK 3): Vicki and Cal

Room 3 (SK 4): Teri and Bill

Week 1: view PPT [pdf]:       

Week 1: Handouts [pdf]:
Day 1: graphs_from_improving_mathematics_teaching.pdf
Day 1: hong_kong_video_transcript_0318_0840.pdf
Day 2: australia_group_task_students.pdf
Day 2: australia_video_transcript_full.pdf
Day 2: hong_kong_video_transcript_full.pdf
Day 2: silent_squares_template.pdf [Tangram Activity]
Day 4: homework_problem_tom_lyle.pdf
Day 4: pair_share_time.pdf
Day 4: tom_and_lyle_transcript.pdf
Room 1: Week 1:
Day 2: Posters
Day 4: Posters
Room 2: Week 1:
Day 2: Posters
Day 2: Notes
Day 4: Posters
Day 4: Notes
Room 3: Week 1:
Day 1: Observations
Day 2: Posters
Day 4: Posters
click on small photo to view a larger version

Room 1 (SK 2): Vicki and Aaron

Room 2 (SK 3): Teri and Cal

Room 3 (SK 4): Sandy and Bill

Week 2: view PPT [pdf]:         

Week 2: Handouts [pdf]:
Day 5: grid_questions.pdf
Day 5: learning_goals_mc.pdf
Day 5: transcript_deborah_ball.pdf
Day 6: textbook_reading_guide.pdf
Day 7: math_practices_morning_math.pdf
Day 8: handout1.pdf
Day 8: handout2.pdf
Day 8: handout3.pdf
Day 9: Push-and-Probe.pdf
Room 1: Week 2:
Day 6: Posters
Day 7: Posters
Room 2: Week 2:
Day 6: Posters
Day 7: Posters
Room 3: Week 2:
Day 6: Posters
Day 7: Posters
Days 6-7 Product from Rooms 1, 2, and 3
Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: Mathematical Practices, Evidence, and Questions: A Resource for Teachers, 2012 [requires generic login]
click on small photo to view a larger version


Guest speaker: Blake Peterson


Room 1 (SK 2): Teri and Aaron

Room 2 (SK 3): Sandy and Cal

Room 3 (SK 4): Vicki and Bill

Week 3: view PPT [pdf]:         

Week 3: Handouts [pdf]:
Day 11: NSpireInstructions-Week3Day10PCMI210.pdf
Day 11: DevelopingMathematicalThinkingwithEffectiveQuestionsPBSpdf.pdf
Day 11: UrnChallenge.pdf
Day 12: Day11StudentWorksheet.pdf
Day 12: Dialogue1-Week3Day12.pdf
Day 12: Dialogue2-Week3Day12.pdf
Day 12: Dialogue3-Week3Day12.pdf
Day 13: TeacherMovesthatHelpedorHindered-Week3Day12.pdf

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