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Day 1: Morning Class: Photos by Darryl
Pre-Clay Lecture by Gerhard Huisken
Day 2: Morning Class: Photos by Darryl
Day 2: SSTP and UFP Conversation
Day 3: Reception c-TaP at Fuego: Photos by Jennifer Outzs
Day 3: Morning Class: Photos by Darryl [page 1] [page 2]
4th of July Parade: Photos by Jason Lang [page 1] [page 2]
4th of July Fireworks: Photos by Jason Lang
Barb's Favorites: Week 1
Conversation with Carla Cederbaum
Shared Practices: July 9
3D-Printing Mathematical Models: George Hart
Fractions by Gail Burrill
Barb's Favorites: Week 2
Conversation with Richard Schoen
Building Party: Monday, July 15
Cross Program: Bathsheba Grossman
Shared Practices: July 16
Group Photo: Summer School Teachers Program

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