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PCMI is a program of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey

Math for America (MfA) is a non-profit organization devoted to improving secondary mathematics education in the United States by recruiting, training and retaining excellent teachers. The program began in New York City and has become a model for educational change across the country; there are now sites in San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington, DC and Boston, with many more partnerships forming in other cities in the near future. This past year Congress used MfA's New York site as the model for creating the National Science Foundation Teaching and Master Teaching Fellowships authorized through the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program in the America COMPETES Act.

Math for America has sent Teaching Fellows and Master Teachers to PCMI since 2009. Math for America has also supported a number of Teach for America fellows to attend PCMI each year.

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Math for America 2013 participants in Park City.

Front row: Ben Allen, Blue Taylor, Brian Shay, Sarah Burns, Kieran Flahive, Jacob Leibold, Kitty Yang, John Ewing
Kneeling behind first row: Darryl Yong, Gabriel Rosenberg, Trang Vu
Middle row: Nathan Goza, Caitlin McCaffrey, Maureen Burkhart, Diana Braham, Shelley Kryger, Jason Lang, Alicia Puzak, Molley Kaiyoorwongs, Jennifer Mack, Marla Mattenson
Last row: Liem Tran, Constance Bowen, Elmer Calvelo, Paul Winston, Jonathan La Manna, Thea Jon Curry, Aaron Orzech, Ellie Terry, William Stafford, Peter Sell

2013 LA Master Teacher Fellows in Park City.

Nathan Goza, Liem Tran, Maureen Burkhart, Jennifer Mack, Darryl Yong


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