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The Math Forum is a community of mathematicians, teachers, and researchers working together to improve math education. We draw on our strengths in mathematics, technology, and professional collaboration to create high quality mathematical experiences that directly connect to the individual learner's thinking and interests. This starts with ourselves as teachers and educational leaders and then extends through our online programs and resources to our students and their families. We offer both customized programs designed to be delivered face-to-face or online or a combination of the two methods. In addition we are offering a specific set of online courses for individual teachers or a targeted group of teachers from one site.

Customized Professional Development
Our programs are customized for meeting local needs and we seek opportunities for extended collaboration rather than single workshops because of our experience with effective improvement efforts and program implementation that required close collaboration and support over time. We understand that some schools are not ready at the outset to commit to a long-term project, and we might begin with small steps, but at a minimum, we look for a match in approach and an interest in achieving significant results through serious investments.

The 'menu' of elements out of which our programs are usually built includes:

  • interactive programs for student problem-solving development, including preparation for open-ended items on assessments. Our Problems of the Week are the main vehicle for this effort through which we can both support student learning and drive professional development in the core knowledge needed for effectively teaching mathematics.

  • introductions to mathematics software tools such as Geometer's Sketchpad and others found in our Math Tools digital library.

  • helping teachers to use Internet resources to learn new mathematics, study their students' mathematical thinking, plan classroom interventions, organize supplemental online materials for addressing gaps in the curriculum, and build a resource center for shared lessons and activities across the school or school system.

Please email me with any questions.
Suzanne Alejandre, Senior Project Manager

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