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Collaboration and Dynamic Mathematics
in Middle and High Schools

Investigate how the teaching and learning of mathematics in middle and high schools can be enhanced with appropriate use of collaborative problem solving and dynamic mathematics software. Collaborate in small groups within an online environment - developed as part of the National Science Foundation funded project, Virtual Math Teams with GeoGebra (VMTwG) - to explore geometric tasks consistent with the Common Core State Standards and to solve open-ended mathematics problems.

Course activities will include asynchronous and synchronous small-team interactions around collaborative mathematical tasks. Identify key online interactions that contribute to significant mathematical, collaborative, and discursive practices. Reflect on issues of mathematics learning and teaching: discourse and collaboration with and without teacher guidance, task design, justification and proof, and effective use of technology.

Who: Open to all middle and secondary mathematics teachers focusing on supporting student collaboration and problem solving using dynamic-mathematics software.


September 23 - December 7, 2013
Registration closes at 5 pm EST on Friday, September 20, 2013. Course involves both synchronous and asynchronous activity on a weekly basis. Synchronous work is a required part of the course; you will select preferred days and times and be placed in groups with classmates with similar preferences.

Cost: $149 (the grant will refund the tuition cost for any who successfully complete the course)

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Stephen Weimar, director

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