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Making Sense of School Mathematics
Grades 3-8

This course considers the two fundamental ideas that underlie the school mathematics curriculum-Numbers and Operations and Relationships between Quantities. Participants will have the opportunity to practice talking about/presenting and listening for/viewing the big mathematical ideas within the typical problems they are or will be expected to teach, including whole numbers, fractions, decimals, measurements, unit pricing, rates, ratios, similarity, scaling, conversions, and probability. By the end of the course teachers will have had a chance to make sense of the curriculum as a whole, seeing how it is all connected and how to share these cohesively connected ideas with their own students.

One of the interesting aspects of this course is that we will have a mix that includes graduate students from the Mathematics Learning and Teaching master's program who are taking MTED 775-902: Making Sense of School Mathematics - Grades 3-8 (for graduate credit) and teachers from the wider Math Forum community (who are taking it for continuing education credits only). This should provide a nice sized group for interaction, along with useful variety in mathematical approaches and teaching experience.

  This moderated course will be led by Ellen Clay, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education. It will take place online using Blackboard. The only technical requirements are a web browser and Internet access.

Who: Open to all teachers and tutors working with elementary, middle, or early high school mathematics, as well as special education teachers who would like to make sense of all those procedures for operating on numbers that their students have repeatedly been asked to memorize.

When: New dates will be posted here soon for the next scheduled session. There will be approximately 30 hours of seat-work involved in this course.

Credit: All individuals who successfully complete this pass/fail course will receive a certificate indicating that they have completed 30 hours of professional development. This is equivalent to 3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Note that CEUs can never be converted to graduate credits for this course.

Cost: $149

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Please email me with any questions.

Ellen Clay, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

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