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Orientation: Math Tools

Tabs under My MathTools

When you first registered for Math Tools did you select a lot of options and now you feel you're getting too much email?

You can change your profile settings! Follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Login

  3. Click My MathTools

  4. You should be on your Profile page. You can adjust many of your settings.

    NOTE: If your email changes, that is not something that you can adjust because the change is something in our database. If you use the Contact Us link and ask us to change it, however, we're happy to do that for you.

Besides the Profile tab, you'll notice these additional tabs:

As you become more familiar with some of the folks posting to discussions in the Math Tools community you might consider making them a Friend so that you can easily follow/find their posts. Go to any Discussion and when you can see the person's nickname displayed next to "Author:" click on it and you should see the Add a Friend button. To view your friends, access your My MathTools page, select the Friends tab, click on the friend's name and you should be able to see a list of their Discussion Posts. If you tire of following a specific community member, go to your Friends list and Drop Checked Friends.
When you Subscribe to a resource or group of resources you will be notified by email if that resource's catalog page is altered in any way. As you are browsing watch for the subscribe links. Similar to other functionality if you decide you no longer wish to have a subscription, you can remove it.
Saved Items
This is your personal space where you can find your saved items and edit your profile. In order to save a resource in the My MathTools space, conduct a search and navigate to that resource's Card Catalog page. On that page click on the Save This link about half way down the page. This will save the item in your personal My MathTools space. To delete a saved item, click on the check box next to the saved item you wish to delete and then click on the "Delete Checked Items" button. In order to access that item, click on the link of that resource and it will take you to that resource's Card Catalog page.
As you post to any Math Tools discussions links will be added to your Contributions page. It's a handy way to find thoughts that you've shared with the community.

NOTE: Use the links on the left sidebar of this page to view any part of the Orientation.

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