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Orientation: Math Tools

Rate and Review

Remember the middle part of the catalog page where you found the link to Save This? There are other things that you can do if you are logged in.

The more each Math Tools community member rates resources that they like or dislike, the better. Note that you can rate something just on your first instinct and later, perhaps, after you have tried the resource with students and you have changed your opinion, you can click the number of stars and use the Change Rating button.

Ratings automatically enter the system, however, reviews first go into a back office area. We do that to prevent inappropriate posts. Reviews take a little more time and effort but if a Math Tools community member has used a resource with students and has an opinion of how useful (or not useful) it was, it's very helpful for the community to have access to that feedback.

NOTE: Use the links on the left sidebar of this page to view any part of the Orientation.

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