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Orientation: Math Tools

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Math Tools is a community library of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support materials for teaching and learning mathematics.

Resources are categorized by course, topic, and, sometimes, subtopic, as well as by resource type and technology type (see the pop-up menus at the top of each page). Registration is free and necessary in order to take advantage of some features of this site such as posting to discussions and keeping track of favorite resources, "friends" in the user community, and your own contributions.

Things to do:

If you are a Math Tools registered user, please login.
If you are not a Math Tools registered user, register here:
Registration is free, and you have control over making your information public or keeping it private.
Note: Your nickname is your unique identifier in the Math Tools community. It may take you several tries to select something that has not already been chosen. One suggestion is to include numbers within your name or at the end. Please realize that your nickname, once accepted within the Math Tools registration system cannot be changed.
Tip: Math Tools usernames are always just your email address. If you have other Math Forum logins, consider using the same password!
Start Exploring Math Tools
Notice the blue sidebar on the left. Please explore these links: Math Topics, Getting Started, and Newsletter.
Review Bethany Hudnutt's Navigating Math Tools to better learn how to navigate Math Tools.
tip: You can download and print the PDF version for yourself and/or also share it during workshops or presentations you might do to introduce others to Math Tools.
Notice the grey band at the top of each page - try searching and browsing the catalog.

As you browse these links, do any questions come to mind? Feel free to use the Ask us a question link on the left sidebar on this page.

NOTE: Use the links on the left sidebar of this page to view any part of the Orientation.

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