PoW Membership: Resources & Strategies
for Effective Implementation

PD Courses

After completing this course, you as a current subscriber of the Problems of the Week (PoWs) will be familiar with all the resources associated with your PoW membership access. You will be able to make an informed decision about how to start implementing PoWs with your students, and you'll have an idea of further steps to try when you are ready.

    This moderated course will be led by Suzanne Alejandre, Senior Project Manager.
It will take place online using Canvas and the Problems of the Week.
The only technical requirements are a web browser and Internet access.

Who: Subscribers of the Problems of the Week who want to become familiar with all of the features and resources associated with their PoW membership access. School and district members are encouraged to have selected teachers take the course so that they in turn can help others effectively use the PoW resources.

When: The upcoming course will include a split schedule:
   August 1 - 5 (intensive) Rounds 1, 2, 3
   October 3 - 28 one review week and Rounds 4, 5, 6

download syllabus [pdf]

  $149 - for current members at Full PoW Membership level or higher
  $298 - for non-members (course plus Full PoW Membership access through June 30, 2017)

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Please email me with any questions.

Suzanne Alejandre, Senior Project Manager

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